Thursday, September 28, 2017

Ready for a Parade

As September comes to an end or any month actually, there's always a fun parade of mini quilts to welcome in the new month at A Quilting Life, the blog that belongs to Sherri McConnell.  She and Michelle of Island Life Quilts team up together to host a mini quilt pattern and parade each month.  Last month was Mini Pumpkins by Cluck, Cluck Sew.  It's a fun fall pattern and the parade of minis was delightful.  So sorry I missed that one.  If you'd like to check out the Mini Pumpkins Parade you can see Sherri's here & Michelle's here.

Sherri's Mini Pumpkins
Michelle's Batik Mini Pumpkins
Each month Sherri and Michelle choose a mini pattern for Minis and More.  They announce their selection at the first of each month after the parade.  I've participated in several of these parades and it was always fun.  With a month to make your mini there's plenty of time.  I decided to give this months pattern a go.  It's Berry Baskets designed by Sherri.

A basket quilt was my first quilt and it was a mini too.  The basket squares were 2 inches and set on point.  I learned so much making that quilt.  It was A "Little" Summer Sewing with Temecula Quilt Company.  I equated small with easier back then and the complete opposite was true.  I made a block every day for the month of July and by the end of the month my baskets points were looking a lot better.   My finished quilt is missing a lot of points, but it was a wonderful learning experience.  I still love it and it hangs on my wall as a  reminder of how far I've come.

As with anything, experience helps.  Sherri's berry baskets are 5 1/2" squares which makes things a lot easier and it was a pleasure to sew.  Trying to decide what fabric to use was the harder part.  Should it be Fall inspired or Christmas?  In the end I went with a Spring & Summer palette.  The fabric is from my stash and I followed the Fat Quarter Shop YouTube video for doing the mitered border.  It's a great how-to video, easy to follow along and I like the look of the stripes being continuous around the border.   The mini finished at 22 x 30 inches and makes for a nice wall hanging.

I'm looking forward to seeing how others saw their berry baskets.  I believe you'll be able to see the Berry Baskets parade on October 2 at A Quilting Life and Island Life Quilting.   If you like a little project that usually goes pretty quick, consider checking out next months pattern at the end of the Berry Baskets parade.   Minis are always fun to use for decorating.  Whether on the wall, a tabletop or over the back of a chair, they always add a bright spot to any room.

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  1. There is something about baskets that just call me and love the little mini of yours! Sweet, sweet, sweet and think it would be good in any season Cathy. I have done some of these mini's with Sherri and have to say I really enjoy doing busy doing BOM's but think it is time to treat myself to another so will check them out next week. Oh, those baskets would also be really cute in Christmas fabrics....just saying...;)))


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